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Veterans Reintegration Center

Selfridge ANGB

Harrison Township, Michigan

Eisenhower has developed a collaborative project to deliver a unique program to specifically serve Veterans and their families. Our program, the Veterans Reintegration Center (VRC), is located on Selfridge Air National Guard Base in Harrison Township, Michigan. The VRC provides cutting-edge rehabilitation services to military men and women in need of specialized are. Our program utilizes three areas located on the base, The Residential Suites, Vandenberg Hall, as well as the Historic Officers Housing. This is a “first of its kind”, private-public transitional treatment and vocational center for Veterans and their families. 

The VRC strives to demonstrate an integrative reintegration plan to provide multi-disciplinary treatment modalities, relationship resiliency and growth, and job training to Veterans. VRC will provide skilled care for complex injuries secondary to Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), PTSD, anxiety, depression, anger/aggression disorders, substance use issues, and military sexual trauma (MST). 

Our program emphasizes 3Rs which stand for Relocating, Rehabilitating & Reintegrating

Relocating: Those Veterans who may be in need of residential programming have the option of relocating to the newly renovated Suites. As not every Veteran will be interested in the residential aspect, outpatient services are also available.

Rehabilitating: Rehabilitation provides Veterans the foundation to Reintegrate not only with their family but also within the community. Rehabilitating our Veterans will occur through various individualized “Evidence-Based” supportive therapies designed to encourage progress towards achieving maximal healing and “self-actualization”, or the feeling of accomplishment and reaching one’s fullest potential. 

Supportive Therapies offered to the Veteran and their family (if applicable) include:

·       Individual, family and group counseling services,

·       Animal Assisted Therapy,

·       Art Therapy,

·       Music Therapy,

·       Therapeutic Yoga,

·       Recreation & Wellness Therapy,

·       Nutritional Education,

·       Vocational Coaching

·       Financial Planning and Coaching

·       Allied Health Services including Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapies


Reintegrating: Vocational education and training is essential to assisting the Veteran back into the community. Vocational education and soft skills are introduced while in the program to assist Veterans in achieving their path to independence and fulfillment. Veterans will learn how to prepare for interviews, craft resumes and apply for various employment opportunities. Eisenhower has established the following partnerships to provide vocational offerings. 

Our current partners in Vocational Education and training include:

·       Zero Day, a non-profit Veteran powered company, has assisted hundreds of Veterans in getting back on their feet again. Zero Day offers Department of Labor Apprenticeship and On-The-Job Training Programs. These programs help our Veterans earn certifications and rewarding careers in the skilled trades. Zero Day also plays a critical and vital role in the vocational program as they are also taking the lead in restoring the Officers Housing Quarters per historical preservation guidelines and requirements. 

·       Macomb Community College (MCC), a leader in workforce development, is located right down the road from the VRC. MCC offers credit and non-credit certifications and degrees in the fields of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Business and Informational Technology, and Health and Safety Training. 

If you may be interested in our program, please reach out via telephone at (586) 482-8387, or via email at selfridge@eisenhowercenter.com.

You may also directly apply to the program by scanning the QR code:





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