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Eisenhower Center's Core Services

Providing You With Everything Required In Your Rehabilitation Plan

As part of our programming, we offer a wide variety of Core Services, which are available to every client we serve. These services are intended to ensure each client in our program has access to a wide variety of services to support them in their rehabilitation goals, and don’t involve an additional charge. As each client has their own unique needs, the amount of support available from each of these programs is tailored to meet those needs. Our core services make us among the most unique and comprehensive treatment centers in the U.S. Access to services is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Program Coordination

Each client is assigned a Program Coordinator. They act as the hub of information and work to coordinate all the parts of your rehabilitation. They communicate regularly with the client, the family, the case manager and any other individuals on the treatment team.

Nursing/Health Education

Our nurses are stationed on each unit, and attend medical appointments, coordinate with physicians, and monitor each client’s health status. In addition to the coordination of medical care, our nursing staff also provide education and support to clients about things like disease management, illness/STD prevention, and nutrition.

Behavior Analysis

Behavior Analysts are also positioned on each unit, and specialize in engaging to prevent and replace counterproductive behaviors (e.g. verbal and physical aggression) with more socially acceptable behaviors, through data collection and implementation of individualized behavior protocols based on proven scientific paradigms. Behavior analysts also instruct staff on crisis intervention/conflict resolution.

Substance Abuse Prevention

This licensed program is available to any client struggling with substance abuse. It is designed with the specific needs of each client in mind, focusing on therapy, education and support. Our program utilizes the 12-step approach to recovery and includes on-campus meetings as well as drug screening, supervision by trained staff, and the utilization of community based AA/NA meetings.

Supported Employment

Returning to work, school, or meaningful volunteer opportunities is a vital part of our rehabilitation program. We provide a wide range of employment opportunities, ranging from sheltered workshops to assistance obtaining and maintaining community employment. Whether a client needs help with their resume and interview skills, identifying jobs they’re well suited for, or with communicating issues to their employer, our Supported Employment Department has the tools to help.

Recreational Therapy

Our Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists explore unique leisure activities and adapt activities for those with physical disabilities. Our Recreation Therapists provide opportunities to increase social skills and build confidence needed to live independently, while simultaneously reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Music Therapy

Our fully credentialed music therapists use music and its elements to help clients meet non-musical goals, such as improving memory, motor skills, self-expression, and executive functioning tasks. Live or recorded music is used to motivate clients. Music therapists are credentialed by the Certification Board for Music Therapists

The Enrichment Center

Set on a working hobby farm, clients can spend their time at the program to meet their unique interests and abilities while learning valuable vocational skills. All activities are designed to be accessible for our clients regardless of mobility and physical challenges. The program allows participants to see projects from development and planning all the way to marketing, inventory management, and sales at markets and craft websites such as Etsy. All clients residing at Eisenhower Center are able to access the Enrichment Center to work, play and explore.


Eisenhower Center provides transportation to within 60 miles of the facility for recreational outings, family visits, medical appointments, and more.

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