Eisenhower Center is proud to welcome our newest Marketing Manager, Tish Maki.

Tisha graduated from Central Michigan University in 1994 and has worked as a marketer in the Brain Injury provider field for more than 10 years.  After conquering her battle with breast cancer from 2012-2015, Tisha remained home to spend time with her daughter, who graduated number 6 out of 667 students from Howell High School in 2017and to send her off to Michigan State University.  Now empty nested, Tisha has come to us with an eagerness to educate others on the value that Eisenhower Center brings to the Brain Injury Industry.

Tisha lives in Hartland with her husband, and enjoys boxing, spending time with her daughter, playing with her 5 1/2  foot Iguana “Richard,” and cuddling with her cats, “Cat,” and “Kitten.”

Want to welcome Tish to Eisenhower? Give her a call at (734) 677 – 0070 extension 273