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Facilities Tailored For Your Needs

The Right Facilities Enable Your Sustainable Brain Injury Recovery

Why Do Facilities Play A Critical Role In Recovery?

You need facilities that work for You. Access to expert care when you need it. A safe environment to pass every stepping stone.

Our Secret Formula To Successful Rehab Is Really Simple:
Around-the-clock Tailored Treatment and Emergency Monitoring + Integrated Therapy + Individualized Care + Safe Environment to Breach Boundaries = Independent Sustainable Living

The right pieces needed for your full recovery are all included—comprehensive core services to assist and enable successful outcomes.

Our Campuses Fit Your Rehabilitation Needs:

  • Residential services integrated into unique campus layouts that facilitate rehab therapy
  • Client treatment teams on hand around the clock — because therapy shouldn’t rely on 9-5
  • Emergency care always available — our staff live and work close to their clients and emergencies can’t wait
  • On-going and changing challenges — making sure clients don’t settle for less than their best recovery
  • Safe Encouraging Environment — a safe encouraging haven for you to pass your limitations
  • Individual-focused care — your recovery path is unique. You get the exact treatment you need when you need it

Incredible Rehabilitation Wherever You May Find Yourself:

  • Ann Arbor, MI — safe urban living, the perfect town with all the resources you need to stay engaged and get back to health while experiencing a taste of city life. A vibrant university town
  • Manchester, MI — a quiet oasis in Southeast Michigan countryside where residents can find peace of mind, solitude and all of the benefits of country living
  • Houghton, MI — an oasis for rehabilitation in the scenic Upper Peninsula of Michigan
  • Jacksonville, FL — the After the Impact® program encapsulates an emphasis for treatment and rehabilitation after high impact injuries

Residential Opportunities

From closely supervised living, supported independent apartment living to even more independent support. Each facility helps clients transition to greater independence and sustainable living as they advance through recovery.

  • Facilities Tailored to meet clients’ particular needs.
  • Finding The Right Employment — a pathway to fulfilling future.
  • Learning how to Care For Themselves — practical learning to get patients to sustainable living.
  • Identifying Challenges — pinpoint how clients can cope with counterproductive behaviors.
  • Recreational Enrichment — music and recreational activities facilitate personal growth.
  • After the Impact® — strategies to recovery from concussion.
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