Last week Thursday, HB 5013 passed out of committee and now sits on the House floor for a vote.  This bill, which the CPAN legal team has labeled “the end of no-fault as we know it”,  will likely be brought up on the floor for a house vote this week, with a second reading on Wednesday and vote on Thursday.  Mayor Duggan, and a number prominent Detroit Business men and corporations are working hard to advance this bill as well as members from the Michigan Chamber. THE TIME IS NOW TO TAKE ACTION – YOUR VOICE MATTERS.
You are strongly encouraged to join us at the Capitol and voice your opposition to this legislation that would authorize unprecedented dollar cap limitations on no-fault benefits, give insurance companies substantial control over patients’ medical care; greatly increases the power of the insurance companies while taking legal rights away from patients; and offers temporary premium rate reductions if any. A strong showing of folks opposing this bill outside the house floor both days is important.  Anticipate two long afternoons especially on Thursday.  Session on Thursday starts at noon.
CPAN has arranged for a place to meet, receive a short update, gather materials and have lunch across the street from the House Office Building at the Central Methodist Church basement, 215 North Capitol from 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM on Wednesday and from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM on Thursday.  Salad, pizza and beverages will be provided by CPAN on  Wednesday at about 11:45 AM.  Lunch on Thursday will be ready about 11:00 AM prior to the start of a noon House session.

Here is a link to the Statement CPAN released last Thursday following the committee vote. Also attached is a copy of CPAN’s Analysis of the H-1 version of the bill.