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How Eisenhower Center Continues To Change Lives

Accounts of successful rehabilitation and recovery from traumatic brain injury

“This was by far the best treatment I have ever gotten”

“I came to transform my life and I leave having started that and am optimistic the tools I gained while here will improve my perspective for the rest of my life.”

“I know that just because I attended this program my injuries and problems are not going to just disappear, but I now have the motivation, support, and tools to confront them – and to start living a healthier, happier life.”

“Once I decided to let my guard down and deal with my issues, it became clear the staff here really care. They show love and dedication for all of the clients. They go above and beyond their job duties to make you comfortable. Thanks all of you, you have brought back hope to my life.”


“I believe Eisenhower is the only TBI program to effectively develop a rehab plan/services that incorporates behavior management strategies that are successful for the individual client.”

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