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Eisenhower Recognized as Supporter of Veteran Employment

The Michigan Veterans Affairs Association (MVAA) recognizes employers that commit to military Veteran recruitment, training and retention practices by awarding those employers Gold, Silver, and Bronze level status as Veteran-Friendly Employers. MVAA’s Veteran-Friendly Employer program helps qualified organizations recruit and retain top veteran talent while providing others a road map to improve their recruitment efforts.


Eisenhower Center is proud to offer employment to the men and women who have worked hard to defend this great nation.  We are humbled to be recognized by the MVAA and Governor Snyder – as a Bronze-Level Employer in the State of Michigan.

Learn more about the MVAA today!

If you are a veteran interested in working at the Eisenhower Center, please visit the Careers page of the website and send our Human Resources department your information.


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month


October is breast cancer awareness month, which is why each year we and our clients paint and decorate our clinical, wheelchair accessible hoop-house pink. Our innovative hoop house puts a new spin on the traditional clinical setting by taking it out of the sterile building with fluorescent lights and bringing it into a garden wonderland full of adaptive tools and unique therapy activities.

Interested in engaging in our outpatient and day-treatment programs here, or at our 62 acre hobby farm? Give us a call at: (800) 554 – 5543.


Michigan Operation Freedom Outdoors and Eisenhower Center: Helping Veterans Get Back to Nature

This morning, Tom Jones of MI-OFO was on WDIV Channel Four with the one and only Chuck Gaidica to discuss Michigan Operation Freedom Outdoors, one of many programs Eisenhower Center supports to help veterans in their rehabilitation. Click the link below to  watch Tom, and to learn a little more about the program.

Live in the D: Helping Wounded Veterans

Michigan Operation Freedom Outdoors (MI-OFO) is an organization Eisenhower Center has partnered with, which has the mission of, “providing improved outdoor recreation opportunities for wounded veterans and individuals with health challenges; and, to coordinate a support network that facilitiates their recovery through connecting with nature.”

More information about MI-OFO can be found at: www.miofo.org




Join Us for the 41st Annual Marine Marathon

Join Eisenhower Center and State Senators Margaret O’Brien and David Knezek in supporting our veterans at the 41st Marine Marathon on October 30th, 2016. …read more

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