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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions, Unquantifiable Results

How long does the program last?

Rehabilitation is individual-specific based on the type and severity of the injury. Each person is encouraged to focus on their own rehabilitation goals and progress toward those goals.

Can clients drive a vehicle while residing at Eisenhower Center?

Only clients in the ATI program or SIL program are allowed to drive their own vehicle while at the program.

Can visitors spend the night?

There are designated visiting hours for clients residing within the Center and guests are asked to respect those visiting hours. In the SIL program, visitors may be approved to stay over night by the individual’s treatment team.

What do clients do during the day?

Participate in work or school, volunteer, attend therapies, and participate in both on campus and off campus recreational activities.

Where do clients eat?

There are many options for meals. At the Ann Arbor and Jacksonville campuses, there is a dining room. In our group homes, the home prepares family style meals for all the clients. Many clients also grocery shop and prepare their own meals in their residential settings.

Who provides the transportation?

EC provides transportation within 60 miles of EC.

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