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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions, Unquantifiable Results

What should I bring when I admit to Eisenhower Center

You should bring all important documents (ex. medical insurance cards, ID, Social Security card), a list of all upcoming appointments, all medications you are taking, personal care items (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc), clothing, and any other personal items you may want or need such as, pictures, personal linens, electronics (TV, stereo, video games, etc.). Please DO NOT bring family heirlooms or expensive items as these can distract from your rehabilitation.

Who does Eisenhower Center serve?

Eisenhower Center works primarily with individuals with traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, substance abuse concerns, and dual diagnosis. We are licensed by the states of Michigan and Florida to care for individuals eighteen years of age or older. We may also, with an appropriate waiver, serve clients ages 16 and 17 in the state of Michigan.

What happens the day I admit to Eisenhower Center?

When you come to Eisenhower Center, you will meet with the someone from the Admissions Department to review and sign the Admission Paperwork. If you have a guardian or a personal representative, they may sign the forms. You will be taken to your room and a staff member will assist you with an inventory of your belongings as you unpack. You will meet with your Program Coordinator and be given a tour of the campus and have a chance to settle.

How do I get my medication?

All medications are held in a secure room or locked medication cart. Medication is passed by trained Med Passers who are on each unit. As you progress in your rehabilitation, you may be able to self administer your medication. Your Health Educator will work with you on this goal.

Are services provided for families?

Yes, family sessions in counseling may be a part of the treatment. Families are also invited to participate in the design of the treatment through regular contact with the Program Coordinator, participation in team meetings and sitting in on therapy sessions when appropriate.

Can I go home for visits while I reside at Eisenhower Center?

Yes, home visits or Leave of Absences are an important part of your rehabilitation. In most cases, home visits will begin after you have had several weeks to adjust to your new surroundings. During this time, your family is encouraged to visit. After the initial adjustment period is over, home visits will be arranged through your Program Coordinator.

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