The Brain Injury Association of Michigan’s Annual Fall Conference, held in conjunction with the Michigan Brain Injury Provider Council, is the largest of its kind in the country. It averages over 140 exhibitors and over 1500 attendees each year. We hold this event with the purpose of providing state-of-the art information about brain injury treatment and therapies, which will maximize rehabilitation and foster a good quality of life. The conference is designed to benefit therapy providers with their patients, as well as caregivers and brain injury survivors.

The Fall Conference offers over 30 educational presentations approved for continuing education units. Those engaged in therapies with persons recovering from injury, as well as, caregivers and persons with brain injury will be in attendance! Visit over 150 Exhibit Booths to gain access to valuable information and services.

Thursday Keynote: Amy Blankson

Amy Blankson, bestselling author of The Future of Happiness, is a member of the UN Global Happiness Council, Fellow of the World Innovation Organization, TEDx speaker, a regular contributor for Forbes on Women, Technology, and Leadership, and a featured professor in Oprah’s Happiness course. She currently works with the IEEE to create standards for well-being in the creation of artificial intelligence and emotion awareness. Since graduating from Harvard College and Yale’s School of Management, Amy has professionally focused on understanding cultivating happiness in a digital era.



Friday Keynote: Chris Ulmer

Chris Ulmer is the guiding force behind the Special Books by the Special Kids (SBSK) blog. A Penn State grad, Chris was student teaching and fell in love with the intelligence and humor displayed by his special ed students. After six months of sharing Facebook videos featuring those students, SBSK had gained 150,000 followers. That led to neurodiverse people around the world asking to be interviewed, and soon SBSK demanded Chris’s full-time effort.

Now an internationally renowned speaker, Chris is proud that the Special Books by Special Kids community has surpassed 2.5 million members and is the world’s leading neurodiversity movement.



If you are a survivor and require an aid to be with you at the conference, contact the BIAMI office at (810) 229-5880 to register your aid. The fee is $35 for them to attend and they must be registered in advance.