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After the Impact

Beyond the Assessment

Our After the Impact transitional program goes beyond the awareness campaigns and state of the art imaging.

We care for both our athletes as well as veterans and first responders while they work through our intense treatment program. Our exclusive rural settings are the perfect mix of peaceful and functional. After the Impact (ATI) addresseses education and care for individuals with health/behavioral issues from post concussion syndrome, post traumatic stress, mTBI or other similar diagnoses. Our supportive staff is always close at hand to help develop techniques and strategies to meet individual goals.

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Our total team approach includes a multi-faceted approach utilizing the below strategies:


  • Group Therapy: Daily groups dive into topics like PTS, anxiety, depression, anger and substance abuse prevention. Groups use personal experiences and current circumstances to work on strategies for success.
  • Allied Health: Traditional therapies assess the function of our participants in a variety of areas. Measurement tools assess current functioning and track progress over their stay.
  • Enhancement Treatments: Music therapy, yoga, recreational therapy, nutritional planning, financial planning and more balanced traditional models with treatment for the whole person. The Total Team model sets this program ahead of all others.
  • Community: Athletic supports and veteran organizations take part with touching the participants life consistently.
  • Partnerships: Partnerships give strength to any organization. Our partners strengthen assessments, treatment, and enhancements to improve the programs focus on the Total Team.



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